Oct 21st / We have been lucky enough to receive visits from two great authors as part of our Reading Week here at Loreto.

Award winning author Andy Mulligan, writer of the hugely popular book ‘Trash’, came in to inspire our Year 8 and 9 students.  ‘Trash’ has this year been made into film, and Andy held the student’s attention with his real-life tale of meeting children from Manila, where the story is set.  Spellbound, we learned that one of the main character’s in the book, ‘Rat’, was based on a real-life boy called Nico.  Since meeting Nico, Andy has helped him to change his desperate life and to escape the poverty he was in.  It was a real privilege to learn about life in the Philippines and Andy’s life as an author.

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We were also delighted to invite back into Loreto the award-winning author Helen Moss.  Helen spoke to our Y7 students about her wonderful adventure mysteries set in Cornwall.  Helen also told us about her new series of stories set in China, and shared various fascinating facts about its dead emperors!  She showed us photographs from her own recent visit to China, and certainly left us wanting to read her latest book, ‘The Dragon Path’.

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Both of these events were a real pleasure for students and teachers alike.