Students in Years 7 and 8 were lucky enough to have their Retreat Days at the very start of the new school year. They were guided through the theme ‘God and Me‘ by the experienced and dynamic STEP Team. Their days included a carousel of the following sessions and workshops:
  1. Who is Jesus?
  2. Crystal Maze Cafe
  3. Ultimate Questions
  4. Contemplative Crafts
  5. Walk through the Bible

We thank Mr McCarthy for organising this wonderfully worthwhile experience for our students.



Here are some reflections from our Year 7 students:

The first thing we did on the retreat was acting out the readings of the Bible in the Old Testament. The stories we did was Adam and Eve, George, Daniel and Moses. It was really fun and we all learned more about these stories!

Olivia & Francesca

The retreat was amazing, the step team came and gave us really fun activities to do. We did pottery, acting out religious events, we made stuff and lots more. The step team were really kind and helped us with activities. They also gave us all a present at the end which was a Bible.

Ellie Rose

I enjoyed the school retreat. We did walk through the Bible in which we got a Bible story and had to act out our story. My group had the story of Daniel and the Kings. Then we did a session about Jesus in which we look at evidence to show Jesus existed. After that, we did pottery where we talked about when we were making our sculptures we thought about how God created us uniquely and all of us were different.


Everyone in Year 7 had an amazing time, my favourite part had to be “the walk through the Bible” you got to learn about the stories in the Old Testament and have fun at the same time plus, I love acting so it was a wonderful activity to do.


The retreat was really fun! We did crafts, we got to act out the Bible, we did pottery and we did Bourne identity. We also learnt about child labour and how cruel it is. We had to pretend that we were children and that we were working for a company. As a group, we had to copy a T – Shirt design and if you were in one of the groups and your company doesn’t do child labour, you would get a break and we also got pain a good amount. My team got paid £200 pounds and we had to share it out among us. I was in one of the lucky teams working for Levi and that clothing brand doesn’t use children to do their work. Another thing we had to do was create your own T-Shirt and the best design would win. My teams design won and we each got 1 Merit each.