Dec 10th / Last month, some of our Sixth Form students took part in a trip to Poland.   Grainne Mensah-Lee and Becky Griffifths have written this report on their experiences.

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On 14th-18th November Year 12 Philosophy & Ethics and Psychology students visited Krakow, Poland. To summarise the trip, it was an unforgettable, moving experience. Upon our arrival we enjoyed Krakow Town centre and settled in to our hotel rooms before having a meal at the Hard Rock Café in the town. On the second day we went to the Schindler’s Museum and visited the Jewish Quarters, which was informative and set the scene for the experience we would have the next day.

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On the third day we made the journey to Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. Although it was sunny, it still felt cold as you walked through the gates that read ‘Arbeit Macht Frei’, which translates to ‘Work will set you free’. The whole trip had been building up to this moment when we walked where millions of Jews had also once walked. The things we witnessed were surreal and it took a whole day for us to really absorb that everything we had seen did in fact happen to the most innocent of people. We had a special service back at the Hotel to help us reflect on this and to remember those who endured suffering.  We also stopped to appreciate all of the opportunities we have.

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We also spent time in the old town of Poland, enjoying the cafes and Christmas markets, and we even got to go on a horse and carriage! The trip was emotive but enjoyable and we would highly recommend it to anyone given the chance to go.


Many thanks to Miss Moloney, Miss Wapshott and Mrs Sheehan for organising and leading this trip.