15th May 2017 – The winner of our school 2017 Poetry by Heart competition was Victoria Igary.  Her wonderful rendition of two very different poems was also well received by judges at the recent county finals. Although Victoria did not win here too, her fantastic performance elicited some very positive feedback from the judges who said:

“Victoria chose an interesting and contrasting combination of poems. She captures the contrasting moods in ‘Epitaph’ and paces the most dramatic lines to emphasise the poet’s shock. She has clearly understood, while not overplaying, the sadness of the situation being described. In ‘Badly Chosen Lover’, Victoria we loved your voice, commitment and energy. We get some sense of the poet’s confusion about her feelings for her lover. We’d love to see you back next year!”

The Drama department congratulates Victoria on her commitment and achievement, and encourage all students to look out for next year’s competition of Poetry by Heart 2018.