May 16th / Recently, the majority of our Y7 students took part in a PGL trip, whilst a few stayed here at school.  Here we find out what they all got up to …

By  Elizabeth Burridge in 7T:

Going to PGL was an amazing experience that we will remember forever. The activities stretched us to our limits and beyond, while helping us to make our bonds with our friends even stronger. We learnt how to use each others’ strengths and weaknesses to make a strong team. Some people really liked the food there, others (like me) were less impressed! The instructors were also all extremely friendly. We enjoyed activities at height such as the leap of faith (which required a whole lot of faith), a zipwire (which people did in their own styles such as superman or flappy bird, while others just screamed), abseiling gave us all black hands, and many more. Some activities required teamwork, such as Jacob’s ladder, problem solving and low ropes, which we enjoyed just as much. We all also enjoyed the free time that we had around mealtimes. We spent this charging around the courtyard, or having some time inside during which we frequently caught the giggle-bug. The only problem that we really experienced with the rooms was that the shower curtains didn’t quite cut the mustard(my pyjamas got soaked when I dropped them on the floor). The beds were also surprisingly comfortable allowing us to get a good night’s sleep (except we spent most of the night talking!). Overall, we had a great time, but it didn’t last long enough.

Photos of the PGL trip can be seen here on our Twitter feed.

By Marilyn D’Costa in 7J:

I didn’t go on the PGL trip so I had three days in school which were very exciting because we didn’t have to do any written work or homework and we participated in enjoyable activities!  During these days, we were put into a class of about 20 with students from different forms.  The other students were very polite and sociable.  On our first day, we had a picnic day, where we had to compose picnic songs, design bunting and make picnic food. We also made our own rockets in an unsuccessful experiment to see which rocket could land the furthest with Mr Pimentao. My favourite activity on the picnic day was eating the picnic food (cakes, sandwiches and dips with dippers) because it was delicious and we all played fun games, after we ate the food.

On the second day it was St. Alban’s Day and we celebrated this day by learning about St. Alban and the Roman era. The activities we participated in were building a Roman town in History, taking part in a Gladiators’ course in P.E, learning about St Albans in Geography and going on a tour around St Albans. My favourite part of the day was when we went on the St Albans tour because the teachers bought us ice-cream and we walked to St. Alban’s Cathedral to learn about the Cathedral and St Alban by having a tour around the cathedral with Dr Paul. Our class was very inquisitive to learn about the history of St Alban, St Albans and the Roman era.

On the third day, we had a games day, where we watched The Bridge to Terabithia and did activities relating to the film in English, played Just Dance and made posters of the Rio 2016 Olympics and Paralympics in P.E and played maths games on the computer with Mr Burani. My favourite activity was watching Bridge to Terabithia because it was a film about creativity, imagination and being yourself, whether people like you or not. Our friends came back to school in registration at 14:20 and most went home early, whilst we returned home at 15:35.

Overall, I liked the activities we participated in when the other girls were at PGL because we had no work and just relaxed in school!