March 17th / Eating disorders come in many forms and present immense challenges both to those who suffer from them and to those providing care and support.

Keystone Workshops are hosting a talk for parents on March 22nd.  This will not cover difficulties such as fussy or picky eating, but will help parents to:

  • Identify different types of eating disorder and know how they differ from ‘normal’ concerns about eating, weight and shape
  • Recognise the early signs of disordered eating behaviour and how to respond
  • Understand some of the factors that may keep an eating disorder going once it has developed
  • Know about the types of effective psychological treatment that are available
  • Know who to contact and where to turn if you need more help

Tickets cost £16 each online, or £18 on the door (if still available). 

For more details about this session, and others offered by Keystone, please click here.