26th Sept 2016 – As part of our PSHE programme at Loreto College, we provide our with pupils guidance on the dangers of alcohol and substance abuse.  If parents would also like to be better informed about some of the issues their children may be faced with, they should attend the Parental Drug Awareness Workshop at St Albans Girls School on 18th October 2016 from 7pm to 9pm in the School Hall.

This will be led by Vanessa Rogers, a former Hertfordshire County Council Schools Drug Education Consultant now acclaimed UK PSHE Specialist, whose experience in working in this field is extensive.

The workshop will provide:

  • practical, up-to-date information about alcohol, cannabis, cocaine and Psychoactive Substances (previously known as ‘legal highs’), and the associated risks of substance misuse;
  • useful tips on how to talk about this sensitive subject at home;
  • details of where to go for additional information and support;
  • a question and answer session for parents to learn more.

To secure place(s) on this workshop, please contact Sally Molloy at St Albans Girls’ School – SJM@stags.herts.sch.uk.