6th June 2017Lenten Fundraising Report

Once again, Loreto pupils have shown immense generosity and community spirit during Lent.  Supported by their families and their teachers, they have managed to raise a total of £10,843.35 – so much that we have only just finished counting it all!  We are immensely grateful to everyone who has been involved in any way in making all of this possible.  Who did they raise this money for, and how did they raise it?  Read on …


Year 7

This year pupils in Year 7 are raising money for the Baby Milk Project in Zambia.

This project began in 2006 when a local hospital in Lukula, Zambia requested the assistance of the Loreto Sisters to help save the lives of orphaned babies.  The project currently managed by Loreto Sister Patricia Harvey, has saved the lives of hundreds of babies who would not have survived without formula milk.

To raise funds for this very worthy cause, pupils undertook the following:

  • All took part in the “Bucket Challenge” – trying to fill buckets by collecting small change from family and friends.
  • All took part in the £1 Challenge.  Each pupil was given £1 and challenged to grow this into a greater amount of money.  Some pupils got together to form small businesses, selling products like homemade cards and book markers.  Other groups and individuals sold cakes at the end of Mass in their parishes and at Year 7 Parents’ Evening.
  • Some organised film lunches in the workshop and also an Easter Egg in the grounds of the school.
  • 7S organised a three legged race.
  • Some ran activities such as raffles, “guess the Teddy Bear’s name”, and “how many sweets in a jar”

Year 7 also helped other year groups in their Lenten fundraising: they took part in a Sixth Form sleepover in the gym; they competed in a Year 7 Netball Tournament and other activities organised by Year 11; Year 10 also organised a Dance Event for Year 7.

Y7 Baby Milk Project in Zambia – £2,720.15

Top Fundraising Form – 7S – £740.27

Top Fundraising Individual – Ivy Gayon – £248.09


Year 8

Year 8 students chose to make focus their efforts on helping the Make a Wish Foundation, and it was really impressive to see so many students using their initiative to raise money for such a worthwhile cause.

The students in each Year 8 form worked collectively to raise money through raffles and competitions such as “guess the name of my guinea pig” and “guess how many sweets are in the jar”.  There were all sorts of creative ideas.  8Y even set up a beauty salon during their lunch break and raised over a hundred pounds by giving up their time and resources to paint nails and do other students’ hair!  8S helped organise a talent show which was well-supported and showcased talent from both students and staff members.  They also raised over a hundred pounds.

Within Year Eight there was also some fantastic individual efforts linked to their fundraising, with each student working tirelessly to fill their Smartie tube with twenty pence coins.  Students also held bake sales outside of school, made Mother’s day gifts at home to sell to their friends, and took part in sponsored walks.


Y8 Make a Wish Foundation – £2,444.96

Top Fundraising Form – 8S – £1,117.34

Top Fundraising Individual – Karis Rable – £748.24


Year 9

The students in Year Nine voted to raise money for the Shooting Star Hospice. It was wonderful to see each form get really involved in trying to encourage one another to give up their time and effort to help such a fantastic and worthwhile organisation.

Within the year group we saw a real variety of ways to raise money outside of school: organising raffles, taking part in bake sales at local Churches, washing cars, and taking part in sponsored events.

In school we saw some fantastic efforts too.  There was a raffle organised by 9T which had a first prize to the value of £50!  There was also a “Guess the baby photo” competition, as well as “guess the name of the teddy bear”, “guess how many sweets in a jar”, and a teachers’ football game which took place at lunch time.

It was really impressive to see the willingness of Year Nine students to give up their time in order to raise money and support for such a fantastic charity and this really came to the forefront when they organised the Year Nine Talent show.  This involved performances from students in several year groups, and was greatly supported by the school community.  This event raised over £200.

Y9 Shooting Star Hospice – £1,422.21

Top Fundraising Form – 9T – £448.58

Top Fundraising Individual – Jennifer Wilson – £165.00


Year 10

Year 10 pupils were given the opportunity to nominate various charities they would like to support.  As a year group they then voted on which of these charities they felt would benefit most from their fundraising efforts. The final vote was quite overwhelmingly in favour of Age UK.

  • Y10s Students ran a talent show in the style of “The Voice”, with Year 8s taking part.
  • Another group of students ran a student Lip Sync battle in the workshop over lunchtime.
  • Members of 10Y washed teachers’ cars during their lunch break.
  • One student also made and sold revision guides, in preparation for the Year 10 exam weeks – these went down very well with the students!
  • Some Year 10s arranged a sponsored walk with their friends outside of school.

Y10 Age UK – £911.25

Top Fundraising Form – 10J – £320.70

Top Fundraising Individual-– Bridie Parker & Jennifer Ward-Tsang – £60 each


Year 11

This year the Year 11 students voted to overwhelmingly to support Mind in Mid Herts.

In school, students raised money in these ways:

  • Many took part in a sponsored “Walk for Wellbeing” by walking the mile as a year group.
  • 11S organised a netball tournament with year 7s, giving up their lunchtime once a week for 5 weeks.

Some students also opted to raise money outside of school, with activities such as:

  • giving up their time every evening to do the dishes after dinner,
  • taking the dog for a walk,
  • gaining sponsorship for giving up their mobile phone for a week.

Y11 MIND in Mid Herts – £1,445.03

Top Fundraising Form – 11J – £522.12

We were delighted to receive this letter from MIND thanking our students for all their hard work: year 11 lenten fundraising


Sixth Form

Sixth Form students have been raising money for the Rainbow Trust, a charity which supports families and te

rminally ill children. They have undertaken a variety of fundraising activities, but their main event was the Year 7 sleepover, which was organised by Year 12 pupils. As part of this event, they organised a variety of fun activities such as an Easter Egg hunt, games in the gym, and watching a film. The students then slept over in the school gym after a pizza dinner.

Other activities organised by the Sixth Form during Lent included ‘Film Lunchtime’ and a ‘Count how many sweets are in the jar; competition. As the focus is upon sacrificial giving, the students have also been asked to each donate an individual amount towards the charity, and students have all given between £5 and £10 towards this very worthwhile cause.


Y12 & 13 Rainbow Trust – £1,538.82

Top Fundraising Form in Y12 – 12S – £121.07

Top Fundraising Form in Y13 – 13T – £106.35