3rd Oct 2018 – For those of you who couldn’t make it to the Science department during last week’s Open Evening, here are a few photos of what took place.  The Science programme of activities and displays was designed to give parents and potential students a taste of what Science is like at Loreto College. We sought to offer an insight into what it means to be a student of Science at our school, providing an opportunity to experience something of the scope and breadth of the educational experience that we provide for our young people.

Many of the experiments on display are regularly used in lessons as starting-points for investigations or for enhancement activities. From the “exploding can” and the “banging hydrogen bubble” demonstrations to the dissection and physiological explanation of a working mammalian heart, students were able to show how learning can be carried out in an engaging and enthralling manner.

At Loreto College we credit much of this years’ amazing GCSE Science achievements to the fact that we seek to allow students to experience Science through a “hands on” approach to learning.