With pupils about to return to school, those who use the Arriva bus service should be aware of the following information from the company:

Please rest assured that all our buses are Covid-19 secure and undergo enhanced touchpoint cleaning each day. Good ventilation of fresh air is also ensured by keeping windows open wherever possible.  To help reduce the amount of physical contact between pupils and drivers, we are asking pupils to only use contactless payment or pre-purchase tickets via the Arriva UK Bus app. Cash will only be accepted as a form of payment in exceptional circumstances and where the correct fare can be paid, as our drivers will not be able to provide change at this time.

We will have buses reserved for school, sixth form and college pupils only, the route number for these services will begin with an “S”. Pupils from any year group and from any school or college located on the route can travel on these buses. If pupils need to travel on the same bus as those from another school, we are asking them to sit with those from their own school, and ideally from their own year group. Where possible we are asking pupils to maintain social distancing. The seats behind the driver and any facing each other will be marked off and should not be used. Government guidance is that all pupils over the age of 11 must wear a face covering, although medical exemptions do apply. We encourage pupils to also carry hand sanitiser with them and use it before getting on and off the bus wherever possible.

To help increase capacity, we will be adding in additional journeys on certain services and in some cases, we will be running two buses at the same time so that both those travelling to and from school or college and keyworkers travelling to and from work can do so safely. Some buses will be supplied by the local authority and will not look like an Arriva bus.

If the route a pupils usually travels on does not begin with an “S” it means that there is no dedicated school bus. They can still use this normal service to travel to school or college, and we have ensured there is plenty of capacity on these services.

This document outlines the services in this area: Hertfordshire – Schools Return – 8 March 2021

Full timetable details can be found by clicking here or by using the Arriva UK Bus app, which is free to download from the app store.

Posted 04.03.21