27th Jan 2017 – We are delighted to announce our new Head Girl team for 2017-2018.  The following students were selected to take on a leadership role in the Sixth Form after being interviewed by Mrs Lynch, Ms Nyman and Miss Ross.  They have a number of plans for their year in office, and will be representing the school at several different events.

We are grateful to all of the students who put themselves forward for these posts, and are confident that the successful applicants will make a great  success of their new roles.  Here they all are:


Head Girl

Olivia Shanahan

Deputy Head Girls

Rebecca Burridge & Charlotte Gratte

Sports Captain

Olivia Meakes

Senior Prefects

Emily Wickenden

Jess Leane

Elise Kress

Ehi Edogun

Hope Doyle-Smith

Kate Parker

Sophie Parker

Pablo Munoz-Lobato