July 18th / Last Friday several students at Loreto were commissioned as Eucharistic Ministers.  Rachel Barry tells us more about this …

The role of Eucharistic minister is a very special opportunity for us to participate in school Masses at Loreto, which is why several of our sixth formers have been keen to take on this role. During the last few weeks of term, we have taken part in lunchtime sessions at which we learnt all about what the Eucharist means – that it is an act of thanksgiving – and the role that Eucharistic ministers play in Mass.

 When asked why we all wanted to become Eucharistic ministers, many of us said that we wanted to be more involved in the religious aspect of our school lives, and in our own parishes. It is a way to give back to the Church and recognise the strong religious foundations that Loreto has given us.

 The first thing we learnt was that giving out the Body and Blood of Christ is a service, but it is also a way of receiving from God. It is an honour and a gift to be able to serve the Church in this way. We looked at the Bible story of the feeding of the five thousand to make links between this original breaking and sharing of bread to the one we experience in every Mass.

 After our training sessions, we all attended a Mass on Friday with Fr TJ to be commissioned as Eucharistic ministers. We stood around the altar and made our promise together in front of some of our teachers and fellow students.

We are now prepared for this important role, and some of us will be giving out Holy Communion for the first time at this year’s Thanksgiving Mass. We are very grateful to Sr Anita, who came into school to help us prepare to become Eucharistic ministers.