Oct 2nd / Good news! St Albans District Council has kindly provided us with a parking bay for the coaches which bring students in from Enfield, Bushey and Hendon. The bay runs from the Corner gate on Hatfield Road down to the zigzag lines by the Main Entrance on Upper Lattimore Road.  This will help us to be a good neighbour and should ease the congestion which the coaches cause if they cannot find space to park.  It will also ensure that pupils disembark safely onto a pavement rather than into the road.

We politely request that parents who drop off and pick up their children by car resist the temptation to stop in this bay, as this would defeat the whole purpose of having it!  The position of the coach bay is indicated by signs like the one below, and traffic wardens are currently patrolling it regularly in order to make sure that they are not ignored.

Coach parking sign Oct 14