26th April 2018 – One of our Y9 pupils recently showed with her English teacher a poem she had written to read at her uncle’s funeral. We were so impressed with it, we asked if we could share it and she was happy for us to do so. So, here is Euphoric Soul by Marilyn in 9J …

Do not shed for me those tears which cause you pain.
My spirit is not present in the pouring rain.
My spirit is in the wind that forever blows.
My body may not be here but my soul never goes.

Remember all those years and all the times we had fun.
Cherish all of my laughter for it will always belong in the sun.
Smile with me but do not try to weep.
You know that my happiness will never be asleep.

Do not stand here with a heavy heart.
I have been here with you from the very start.
My spirit is still dancing with you every single day.
And I am still there with you every step of the way.

I know that you wanted me to stay for another day.
But there is one last message that I need to say.
Do not search for me on the heavy ground.
I am omnipresent but I would not be found.
God has sent me to heaven in the sky.
So I am there with all the other birds that fly.
I am there whilst they’re singing their song.
I still continue to watch you, as time moves along.
I have an amazing view. I can see you all the way from here.
So please do not cry for me for I will always be near.
I am the shooting star, gliding to the moon.
Don’t cry for me. We will all be together soon.