16th June 2017 – Last Friday, 7S presented their “Poetic Recreations” projects as part of their English assessment. The task required them to combine their own imaginations with their knowledge of a particular poem in order to transform it into another form.  With creative and dramatic flair, 7S presented everything from cakes to bunting, to songs, to posters about the deeper meanings behind their chosen poem.

  One student involved the whole group in her interpretation of the poem ‘The Dash’.  The poem is about the life you spend during the ‘dash’ inserted between your birth and death date, and making the most of the time that you have.  7S all helped to form a class-sized ‘dash’ out of string peppered with notes explaining what they would like their ‘dash’ to be like (see the image).  Everything from ‘pass my GCSE’s’ to simply ‘be happy’ was represented on an ambitious and telling piece of living artwork.

The students of 7S should be proud of their hard work on this project.  Thank you to Mrs Bamford for supporting them in this work.