July 9th / Recently 8F were treated to a presentation by Chris Kealey, who is a Diplomatic Service Officer. He has a Degree in Modern Languages from the University of Manchester, which helped him to gain a job in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.  Over the course of his 10 years in this post he worked in Turkey, Afghanistan, the United Nations and the European Union, as well as working with The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry.  Chris is now a volunteer with Inspiring The Future, which is why he was happy to come into Loreto and speak about his career experiences.

Laura van Winden, Rebecca Anderson, Abigail Keaney have written this account of his visit:

“Chris is a man whose life has benefitted immensely from his joy of languages.  Our class learnt from this inspirational speaker that choosing a path in languages can expand your career options.  We heard of Chris’ adventures in Afghanistan, as well as his encounters with royalty and prestigious politicians.  We certainly felt motivated to pursue our language studies further, and also to embrace new challenges.  Chris was an inspiring figure and he really highlighted the value of learning of languages.”