Oct 7th / During the recent European Day of Languages, all of our Year 8 enjoyed a Modern Foreign Languages Fun Day.  Here is a report of what took place from Monica Njoroge in 8F …

MFL Fun Day was a great day filled with activities and fun!  Year 8 had a fantastic day!

First of all we lined up outside the Mary Ward Building in our groups and then went into the Studio for a quick assembly. During the assembly we were shown classic salsa dance by a Spanish Sixth Former. It was great entertainment. Afterwards we went to our chosen classrooms and started our first activity.


My first activity was learning about Japan with Mrs Donaghey. We learnt about kimonos, cherry blossom, and beautiful landmarks. We were also taught how to say numbers 1-10 in Japanese. Mrs Donaghey then demonstrated some actions to accompany the words.

My second activity was with Mrs Agrotis. We learnt a heartfelt song which featured several European languages – a combination of Spanish, Italian, German, French and English. It was about all of us getting along together and helping to make the world a better place, which made it special. Afterwards we got into groups of three and four and thought of actions to go along with the words. To finish we listened to the song whilst doing the actions we practised.


After break, we had our third activity. My activity was with Miss Hanna. We had to get in to pairs and were asked to make a poster fact-file about a particular country which Miss Hanna gave to each of us. My partner and I were given Austria and on our Word Document we included the capital city, when that country joined the EU, the currency, typical food, landmarks and a few celebrities and sportsmen/women. My partner and I found it enjoyable.






Then we had lunch. We all went to the canteen and had tri-coloured pasta with cake. It was a tasty meal. After that, our fourth activity was a quiz with Mrs Godfrey. We were split up into our form groups and we numbered ourselves 1-6. There were six tables and if you were number six you had to go down to the sixth table and that is what numbers 1-5 would do as well. On the table there was a piece of paper that had information about a certain country and we would have to memorise those facts for later. After 10 minutes we went back to our original form tables and were given a sheet of paper to write down our answers as a form. Every person would have to remember the facts from the tables to be able to write down the answers. There were 21 questions in total. This was my favourite activity.


Last but not least, we had a role-play activity with Miss Rowe. The play was Little Red Riding Hood, using a script written in French and German. We were put into groups and chose our characters. Some people decided to speak in German, others French. After we had had a few practices we all sat down and group by group we were asked to present our play to the other pupils.



Finally we had an assembly. Awards were given out for good behaviour and other good points by Miss Hanna. We all  said the numbers 1-10 in Japanese together with Mrs Donaghey, and sang the song we had learnt with Mrs Agrotis. Mrs Godfrey gave out the results of the quiz.

MFL Fun Day truly was a fun and great day.