In September 2021, students in Year 8 were lucky enough to have their MFL Fun Day.
The day included a carousel of engaging and fun sessions and workshops.

We thank Mrs Fitzsimons and the whole MFL Department for organising this wonderfully worthwhile experience for our students.


Here are some reflections from a couple of our Year 8 students:

On Friday we enjoyed every activity and we all really liked the delicious food, which was a fun and surprising change. We learnt different languages, such as Spanish and Japanese. In particular, we loved the Japanese class as it was interesting learning about their culture and the kimono was really beautiful. We also did a music quiz.

We liked coming together at the end of the day to share our learning and a sing a humorous Spanish song. Since a lot of students are artistic, it was wonderful to show that we were designing t-shirts and creating flags.  The t-shirts helped us recognise the importance of learning a language and how useful it can be in the future.  We all did our designs, which was fun. We found it enjoyable that we could represent how unique each of us are in a beautiful flag.

Overall, we loved learning about modern foreign languages and the culture behind them. MFL Day was a big success!

By Sasha and Kathleen