28th Sept 2016 – Last Friday all Year 8 pupils took part in the annual “MFL Fun Day”.  Caroline Caldeira and Elizabeth Burridge have written this account of their experiences …

   The MFL Fun day really was a fun day, and everyone enjoyed it.  In the morning we went to the Studio where we were split into smaller groups.  We then went to our designated areas in the Mary Ward building.  The first activity our group did was a European countries quiz.  It was well organised and very enjoyable.  We were given ten minutes to try and learn as much information as possible. Our group was studying Germany.  Then we got into our form groups and had to answer some questions about the countries we had been learning about.


The second activity that our group did was the Eurovision song contest quiz.  We had a list of countries and had to guess the country based on a twenty second clip of music.  It was funny afterwards when we saw what other people did.

After that, we had a twenty minute break. We all enjoyed our pains au chocoloat and some orange juice.  It was a delight to have a tasty snack.


After break, our group did an activity with an Italian exchange student.  She was able to give us helpful and interesting information.  We also played a game of pasta bingo!  It was nice that we then had an early lunch separate from everyone else.  We had a variety of delicious foreign foods to choose from in the Canteen.

After lunch, we learned how to sing a song.  It was called a ‘ Song for the world’ and we sang it in different European languages.  It was very catchy and very funny!


The fifth and final activity we participated in was a creating a poster on the computer about the foreign language of our choice.

The day ended with a short assembly and we all sang the lovely song we had learned.  Certificates and prizes were also given to students who had participated exceptionally well.