Sept 28th / Cat & Heather in 8J tell us all about this event.

Japan 1

Last Friday was MFL Fun Day for Y8.  We learned all about other cultures and languages around the world.

One of the activities was a quiz about the Eurovision song contest. We watched a number of videos and had to guess which language it was in from a list of possibilities. Miss Rowe taught this session and it was fun to learn about how various languages sound and how they compare to others.



With Mrs McLaughlin we learned about Japanese culture and the numbers from 1-10. We also learnt how to wear a kimono.

Japan 3b

We learned a song which included English, French, German, Italian and Spanish with Mrs Agrotis. It was called ‘A song for the world’. We made a dance to go with the song.

With Miss Hanna we made posters about different festivals and traditions of countries around the world.


With Mrs Godfrey we studied various countries and then had a quiz about them in groups.


At the end of the day we sang the song together as a year group.

Overall, it was an enjoyable day.