April 2nd / Yesterday lunchtime the workshop was packed with students keen to see the acts who had made it through to the finals of our Talent Show.

This was organised by Year 9 as part of their Lenten fundraising.  As well as supervising the auditions, they sold the tickets, sold refreshments at the event, and judged the winners.  The prizes were as follows:

1st – Caitlin (7T) and Elizabeth (9S) – two sisters who sang a duet together.

2nd – Victoria (9J), who recited a poem.

3rd – Georgia & Melody (7T), who sang ‘Beautiful’ beautifully!

The Talent Show organisers also held a raffle.  The winning tickets are as follows:

Ticket 52: Alyssandra Mendoza 9Y

Ticket 85: Dani Monastero 7Y

Ticket 43: Emily Miller 9S

This Lenten fundraising was carried out in support of  The London Centre for Children with Celebral Palsy.

Here are a few of the acts.  Click on any photo to enlarge it and/or view a slideshow: