Y9 French Play

19th Nov 2019 – “Les Garçons” is a play in French, which our Year 9 students had the opportunity to watch in school last week.  Paige and Scarlett tell us all about it …

Natalie is a young babysitter looking after a two year old child, Bruno, while his parents are attending a fancy dress party. Natalie discovers that her boyfriend, Tristan, has been cheating on her with another girl who Natalie despises. Whilst Bruno is asleep, Tristan denies that he is cheating on her and explains how they are just friends – which is a lie!

We really enjoyed the play as it had good audience participation and allowed us to go on stage and be part of the play. It was very funny and made us all laugh. It was surprisingly understandable as they spoke at a good pace and used hand gestures to help teach us new words. We learned new vocabulary and had a really good afternoon as a whole. We thank Onatti Productions for their amazing performance and hope to receive this sort of experience again in the future!

Our thanks also go to Mrs Fitzsimons for organising this event for the pupils.