Y7 French Play

12th Feb 2020Écris-Moi is a French play presented by Onatti Production. Having watched it in school with the rest of our Year 7 pupils, Gracie Vaughan and Matilda Munnelly tell us all about it …

The play was about one English boy and a French girl who met over email when they had to do a project for school to learn more about the other country’s language (French/English). As they email each other, there is laughter as well as learning more of the other language. However when they meet in person in Paris, they are not what they each expected one another to be like. They assume that the other person is a boy/girl, like themselves. This caused an amazing and exciting trip to turn into a disaster … until they allow themselves to give each other a chance. In the end, Ashley went home to England having had a fun weekend with his penpal.

We think everyone enjoyed and benefitted from this experience. It was full of comedy and funny skits. There was audience participation also.  We liked the French play because it expanded our French vocabulary and we got to hear French being spoken over an extended period of time. The play was relatable to people of our age, and the actors gave an excellent performance. It showed that it is easier to understand French when you keep practising it, since we could understand most of the words used in the play!