JPIC Food Bank Support

26th Nov 2019 – Earlier this month we shared the following report on the work of our Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation (JPIC) Committee.  Since then we have received a certificate from the Food Bank which shows what a difference they made, collecting in enough food for 1078 meals!  The certificate and accompanying letter can be seen here:

Food Bank Certificate

Food Bank Letter

Here is the original report from Georgia McConachie, Rachel McGrath and Lara Morrison (Y12) …


Recently some of our representatives  held a collection for the local Food Bank in Harpenden, as one of our projects for this year. Our main theme for the year with JPIC is to help fight homelessness in our local community, as it is noticeably becoming an increasing issue.


After the collections, we delivered the food products and toiletries to the food bank in Harpenden. We then were given the opportunity to help in the next process, which involved weighing the products, before writing the sell by dates clearly on each item. Our school donations weighed over 300kg in total, which the charity was greatly thankful for!

The volunteers working with the charity will now be sorting the products into categories, and they will be distributed according to their sell-by date. This means they are able to hold back products, such as tins and toiletries, for times in the year where they receive less donations. With the food dated, some was stored in crates by type and date, whilst some was packaged into boxes of supplies that would last 2 people 3 days. For those in need, they are able to collect what they require from the food bank. If one family or person continuously depends on the food bank for support, the charity will intervene in order to provide long term support for their situation.

We were overwhelmed with the generous donations from students, alongside the work the charity do to help the less fortunate in our area. This opportunity enabled us to see the help that is already being given as well as the help we ourselves are able to give. Our first JPIC project was a success and we look forward to your support in our fundraisers in the coming year!