June 23rd / Will the nation agree with Loreto students?  As voters go to the polls today to decide whether Britain stays in the EU or leaves, have Loreto students provided an early indication of how things will go?  During a PSHE session on Tuesday, pupils in Years 7-10 discussed both sides of the argument and were then invited to vote in the library at lunchtime.  240 girls did so, and here are the results …

Year 7

Remain 68%

Leave  32%

Year 8

Remain 80%

Leave 20%

Year 9

Remain 66%

Leave 34%

Year 10

Remain 81%

Leave 19%



LEAVE 31% 

A few facts for our voters:

• Year 7 cast the most votes, followed by Year 10.

• 8 ballot papers could not be counted as they had been “spoiled” or both choices had been crossed!

• Many people put a tick, despite it clearly stating on the ballot paper to put a cross next to your choice!  However, in reality, any readable mark on a ballot paper can be counted – including ticks.