Year 8 Technologists have just completed a design challenge run by the London Design Museum. The brief was to look at the issue of ‘waste’ and design a product which either uses waste materials or helps to reduce waste. They worked in groups to develop the designs and presented their prototypes to the rest of the group and judges in a format like ‘Dragons Den’.

All the teams came up with some creative ideas and  the winners with the most votes were:

  • Mondays winners were ‘The Designists’ – Laura, Zarah, Olivia and Bonnie – with their felt jewellery designs made from recycled fabrics. The runners up were Emily, Ellan, Ellie-Mai and Darcie with their ‘sensory phone case’ made from plastic waste.
  • Tuesdays winners were Nancy, Juliam, Shan, Mia and Madason with their idea for using recycled water bottles to make hanging baskets or plant pots. The runners up were ‘Pandarama’ – Rachel, Samarah Lilly and Krystal – with their bamboo makeup brushes and storage.
Well done to everyone who took part!
Monday’s winners – The Designists
Tuesday’s winners
Other successes