9th May 2018 – This year’s Lenten fundraising was a huge success!  Loreto families have raised so much money that we are still counting it, but it is already clear that the final total will be in the region of £14,000,  which is simply stunning!

We are really impressed by the massive effort so many of our students made to help raise funds for this year’s causes, but outstripping everyone else by far was Karis in 9S.  She personally managed to raise just under £2,500, which is absolutely phenomenal!  Karis has a track record for raising huge amounts of money, but even she has never come close to raising this much in the past.  When asked what inspired her, Karis said that she was particularly moved to help this year’s Y9 charity – Together For Short Lives – which offers support to children suffering from serious illness.   She hopes to help put a lot of smiles on a lot of faces.

Karis put on bake sales, ran a Fun Day in a nursery, sold some of her possessions at a Car Boot Sale, organised a collection at Sacred Heart in Bushey, and looked after dogs for people.  All of the ideas were her own, and she did most of the hard work too, but she is keen to thank everyone who generously supported her.  She felt particularly pleased with how well the Nursery Fun Day went, because she could see how much the children were enjoying it.

With this kind of success under her belt, it’s possible that one day Karis will one day pursue a career in fund-raising, but for now she will just be delighted if her success inspires others to try and emulate her achievements.

What an absolute star!

For more information about this year’s chosen charities, please click here.