Our Sixth Form were very keen to support the humanitarian aid effort for Ukraine so selected the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) for their charity, which consists of 15 of the largest charities in the UK who have come together to raise money for the disaster in Ukraine. With Year 13’s time very much focused on their A-level revision, it was agreed that they’d donate via ParentPay to support the efforts.

Each form in Year 12 came up with their own ideas and enterprises to raise money: –

  • 12F have enthusiastically launched themselves into leading many successful ventures, with every single member of the form involved. They have fed the teachers at INSET evenings with homemade cakes; held an Encanto film showing with tuck shop; organised a Mother’s Day sale of crocheted key rings and plushies, and held a plushie raffle. At the time of writing they still have a Key Stage 3 bakeathon, eggstra special Easter delivery and ice lolly sale all still planned for the final week, and are well on the way to reaching their target of £500. A particular mention must go to Brianna Nyandemoh and Cintia Tavares for huge amounts of crocheting, and future The Apprentice hopeful, Katie Beirne, who is ‘one mean selling machine’ and has been a force to be reckoned with when it comes to charity fundraising.
  • 12J had a winning idea of holding a very successful Year 7 and 8 disco, which was very well-attended. This was a huge amount of work for the students involved, spearheaded by Miya, Terrie Jo, Brienna, Kimberley, Noor, Ines, Anna and Claudia, and they raised a staggering £922.76 – which will be split between the Years 7, 8 and Sixth Form charities.
  • 12S are working hard to organise items to sell at a market stall in St Albans in April.
  • 12T’s fundraising has consisted of a staff Vs students hula hoop competition, holding a beauty parlour and selling sweets.

The team spirit, patience and tenacity that all our students have shown throughout Lenten fundraising has been exceptional, and I have been delighted to see the sixth form acting as such good role models to the lower school this month. Mrs Tweeddale, Head of Sixth Form