19th March 2019 – At this time of year the members of our community focus more than ever on how we can help others.  Last year, over £14,000 was raised in our Lenten Fundraising drive!  Read more about this here.  Below are details of the charities we are supporting this year, along with details of some of the activities taking place in school at the moment …

Year 7


Every year we ask the Loreto Sisters to name a charity they would like our Year 7 pupils to raise money for.  This year they nominated a children’s playroom in the shanty settlement of Jicamarca on the outskirts of Lima, Peru. In an area known for its poverty and its lack of basic amenities, Sister Irene Reynolds ensures that some of the poorest and most vulnerable children have a safe place to play every afternoon. Funds raised by Year 7 will go towards developing a playroom for children. This will include furniture, mats, games and other resources. Funds will also provide the children with a drink and snack before going home.

All Year 7 pupils have been encouraged to take part in the Loreto Mile Run/Walk. Pupils are sponsored for every mile they walk or run during lunchtimes. They are also holding an Easter raffle as well as a ‘bring and buy’ sale.

Loreto families and friends can help by taking their daughter’s sponsorship form to work. We wish them every success!

Year 8


Lent is seen by many as a time for giving up small luxuries in life, but imagine if you had to give up more important things, like school or your job, all because you don’t have clean water close to home! This is the reality for 1 in 9 people around the world. For children especially, clean water can be the difference between a full education and dropping out of school, and the difference between enjoying a happy childhood with friends, or risking their lives on long walks for water.

For 1 in 9 people around the world getting a drink of water isn’t as simple as turning on a tap. They have no choice but to make long, tiring, and often dangerous journeys to remote water sources – and then haul heavy cans or buckets all the way back home. It’s a journey that for some is an eight kilometre round trip, and a burden that more often than not falls to women and young girls, who sacrifice their education and careers to make sure their families have water.

All of Year 8 are going to March for Water this Lent. We will each pledge how many kilometres we will walk, and keep track of this every day. We will collect sponsorship for doing this.

Year 9


Year 9 students are raising for Mercy Ships. This is a faith-based international development organisation that deploys ships to some of the poorest countries in the world, giving vital free healthcare to people in need. Mercy Ships has undertaken projects in more than 70 countries, providing services valued at more than £1 billion!  As a year group we are trying to raise enough money to sponsor one of their operating theatres on their ships for 2 days so that it can provide life-saving surgery.

The pupils have started to organise lots of events. 9F have designed a photo booth, and will be running this over 2 lunchtimes including non-uniform day. 9T are washing cars, doing sponsored runs, bake sales and a Just Dance lunchtime.  9Y are hosting a movie night and a bake sale at the Spring Concert.  9s are organising a hair salon to support 9F’s photo booth, and 9J are organising a quiz.
As a year group we are organising the Year 9 talent show which will take place on the 2nd April at Lunchtime.

We are also having a Mercy Ship Water Race where the girls are building ships out of cardboard boxes and recyclable materials, and navigating an obstacle course with water in their ships. The team that gets the most water across the obstacle course wins. Each girl is donating £1 to compete .  This event is also part of their Internationality Week.

Years 12 & 13


Sixth Form are raising money for WaterAid and are aiming to raise over £2000. On Friday 22nd March we will be carrying out a ‘March for Water’ in which the whole of the Sixth Form walk the Loreto mile to raise the profile of women and children all over the world who have to walk to their nearest water source, sometimes for up to 2 km a day. We will be wearing blue and will be encouraging other year groups to take part. 12T have already raised £250 towards our target by organising the refreshments for the Gym and Dance Display, making cakes and serving teas and coffees.