26th Jan 2017 – As part of our focus on Justice this week, all of our pupils have been considering how this issue in the context the different subjects they study.  Here are two reports from the pupils on how they did this during their Modern Foreign Language lessons …

By Ruby and Paulina in 7J

In today’s lesson we first considered what ‘justice’ means and then we were split into groups of four and had to agree a definition together. We then voted as a class for the best definition. We all had to choose different group names, relating to justice. Our group was called ‘Hyundai’ because the symbol of the company shows two hands shaking.

After this we watched a YouTube clip about justice in France.  We then translated ten sentences from French into English about ways we can look after our environment in a just and fair way.  Finally, we had to agree in our groups the order these strategies should go in.  We really enjoyed all of this.

For homework we will create a collage based on the work we did today.

 By Caroline and Elizabeth in 8T

During our French lesson on Wednesday, we had a justice themed lesson.  During the lesson, we worked in groups of four and read through some philosophers quotes in French.  I enjoyed helping my classmates to read through the quotes, and we learnt a range of new vocabulary.  We used our creative sides to draw four scenes of injustice in the world.  For our homework, we have been given the chance to draw a poster depicting justice and injustice.  There is going to be a prize for the three best posters in every class!  Our lesson was fun and exciting, and I learned lots of things about world justice!