11th March 2019 – At Loreto, International Women’s Day saw the culmination of a whole week of activities designed to inspire our students to think beyond gender norms.  Highlights included the Wow Reps running year group assemblies on gender stereotypes and the gender pay gap.

The whole school focused on the issue of Period Poverty which blights the lives of girls and women across the world, including here in the UK. Every day last week, the WoW Form Reps collected increasing quantities of sanitary products brought in by students who had learned that in the UK one in ten girls struggles to afford sanitary products. This also provided an incentive to talk openly about periods and dispel any shame or embarrassment that girls may feel about these.

Thank you for very much to everyone who supported this cause by donating sanitary products. It was a huge success, with hundreds of donations which will help local families. We collected nine black bin bags that were full to the brim.

On Friday, International Women’s Day, the WoW leaders set up a fantastic information stand displaying leaflets and posters about Period Poverty. Well done to the WoW Reps and the WoW student leaders, Mia Cranny and Rosie Morley, led by Ms Daniells Conroy and Ms McLauchlan, for a fantastic week of thought-provoking activities.