22nd Feb 2018 – Some of our Y13 students have chosen to enhance their learning by undertaking the Extended Project Qualifcation.  Yesterday their supervisors, staff and fellow students gathered to hear them present the outcome of their research into a variety of fascinating topics.

The standard of the presentations was exceptional and it was clear that all students had put a substantial amount of effort into researching their chosen topics, collating and organising the material, and finally presenting it all to their audience.

The students involved in this yesterday were Gabriella Deen, Charlotte Gratte, Tabitha Hawker, Rachel Mcavan and Olivia Shanahan.  They were free to choose the topics they wished to specialise in, and the range was very interesting:

  • Has Westernisation affected women’s rights in China?
  • To what extent has the representation of women developed over time in the superhero genre?
  • How have mental institutions and their treatments for mental health issues developed since the 19th century in comparison to 21st century methods?
  • How successful was Mandela’s work towards ending Apartheid and how has his legacy shaped South Africa today? (1990-2018)
  • Evaluate the impact of Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office.

The students have worked on a variety of skills in order to support their projects.  These included time management, referencing, ethical practices, communication and delivering effective presentations.

The students have all commented on the benefits of completing the project in the final year before heading off to university, and expect the skills learnt here to serve them well when working independently.  They will now submit their final dissertation and their production logs.

Mrs Winchester has been really impressed with the dedication and commitment which all of the students have shown, and wishes them the very best of luck for the final stages of their project.  We are very grateful to Mrs Winchester and the other staff who acted as student mentors for all the help they have provided.

We are now looking forward to some excellent results in August!