This afternoon, Year 12 came together in the chapel to hear the announcement of the new Head Girl Team & Senior Prefect Team.

There was much excitement and many happy tears (and not just from the students!). The year group was incredibly supportive of one another and joyful during the announcement.

We received 33 applications for the Senior Prefect Team and the standard was extremely high, so it was a very difficult decision.

A huge congratulations goes to the following students – we know you will continue to do yourselves and the school proud:

  • Head Girl – Kerry Mawn
  • Deputy Head Girls – Jessica Buzzle, Milly Hayes & Aoife Thompson
  • Music Captain – Leila Nyamande
  • Drama Captain – Claudia Costa
  • Sports Captain – Lilly Greaves
  • Liturgy Prefect – Anna Berners-Lee
  • Year 7 Lead Prefect – Miya Gogna
  • Senior Prefects – Freya Clancy, Lucy Duggleby, Ivy Gayon, Philippa Green, Wara Gregory, Mary Kirk ,Gina La Ragione, Margaret McHale & Kristen Oboh

We also take this opportunity to offer our deepest thanks to the former Head Girl Team, who have been pillars of support, energy, and enthusiasm for all-things-Loreto. We wish them lots of luck as they prepare for their A-level exams.

  • Head Girl – Karis Rable
  • Deputy Head Girls – Elizabeth Burridge, Daisy Cooper & Lucy Baker
  • Senior Prefects – Jennifer Brooks, Caroline Caldeira, Monica Ezzat, Natasha Fambisai Chipunda, Janet Gherie, Erin Green, Neeva Larmer, Lottie Moulton & Sienna Harrod