Year 10

Y10 Maths, week commencing 30th March:


Year 10 Higher – Week beginning 30 March 2020 – Course Plan – Student Copy

1. Finding the equation of a straight line Ref 7 1 23

2. Finding the equation of a straight line given 2 points Ref M15 446

3. Parallel and Perpendicular lines Ref UK397

4. Real Life Graphs Ref 4 6 17

5. Real-Life Graphs Ref 5 6 19

6. Distance-time graphs 3 Ref 6 5 19

7. Graphical intersection – Linear only Ref 7 4 3


Year 10 Foundation 30th March Plan

10Ticks Finding the Area of Compound Shapes (Squares and Rectangles)

10Ticks Rectangles (Area and Perimeter)



 All other subjects:

Y10 English

Y10 Learning Support English

Y10 English – Descriptive Writing Support Strategies

Y10 French Foundation

Y10 French Higher

Y10 Geography – Rio de Janeiro Case Study

Y10 RE

The RE department would like you to email your RE teacher the work you have completed by Friday 24th April. There is no expectation that every student will have completed the same amount of work. If you have worked on paper, keep it safe and hand it in when we next see you.  Your RE teacher will mark your work and email you back whilst you are working  on the next piece of RE work set. We will set the next piece of work on Monday 27th April.

Y10 Music

Y10 Science

Year 10 Art 3 Week Plan

Year 10 Food 3 Week Plan

Y10 Drama

Y10 Latin

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