30th June 2017 – Monday marked the 20th anniversary of the publication of the first Harry Potter novel.  In order to celebrate the influence that Harry Potter has had over the past 20 years, Loreto held a day of celebration.  Prisha in 7F tells us more about it …

“At school we had a huge celebration and there were many competitions and activities that took place. Some of them were:

The house quiz

The form quiz

The raffle (winner gets a signed copy of the first novel)

Guess the last spell cast by the wand (winner gets Harry’s wand).

We all dressed up as one of the characters in the books. There were many posters around the school to make it more like Hogwarts.”

In lessons, students engaged in a range of activities, from creating their own creatures in English, to designing magically-shaped pizzas in Food Technology, as well as learning about Harry’s timetable and schooling in French and German, and designing pictures featuring elements of magic in Art.

The inter-house quiz at lunchtime was very well attended.  The staff team members were disappointed not to be crowned champions, but Sincerity were very worthy winners.  The lucky winner of our Harry Potter raffle was Mr McCarthy, who is now the proud owner of an illustrated novel signed by JK Rowling.  Milly Hayes in 7Y won Harry’s wand.

The day was very successful, and in total £533.35 was raised for our Loreto School in Calcutta.  This money will be used to provide books for their students.

A huge thank you to Mrs Moran and the English Department for making all of this happen, to all the staff who helped to add a little magic to the day, and to the many students who responded so positively to it.  Most of all, a huge thank you to JK Rowling for creating the whole Harry Potter world, and for donating such a fabulous raffle prize!

Here are a few images from the day …