12th July 2019 – This week 10 students from Years 9 and 10 attended the Catholic Children’s Society Good Samaritan’s Mass at Westminster Cathedral.  Karis Rable and Madison Carey tell us all about it …


Upon entering the Cathedral, the first thing that caught our attention was the magnificent cross that hung over the altar, it was a poignant reminder of how much Jesus had given up for us and the spiritual nature of the place was evident. Light shone through every window drawing our attention to the decorative embellishments of the Cathedral.

Karis was lucky enough to be chosen to deliver the first reading in this Mass. She was honoured to be offered this memorable experience and also got a chance to get to know other students from different schools. In our opinion, the choir created a heavenly atmosphere and we were lucky to listen to the voices of John Henry Newman School Choir. Bishop Paul McAleenan conducted the Mass with joy and kindness, spreading the Word of God. With thoughtful sensitivity, Father Keith Stoakes and Shell Roca ensured the Mass was understood by everyone, using sign language to translate the Mass. The Gospel, Matthew 7:7-11, talked about the importance of asking God for help, and this was a strong message to us as teenagers who can feel apprehensive about asking for help and support. The Mass was also engaging due to the anecdotes used and also the songs we were familiar with, such as ‘Shine Jesus Shine’ and ‘Christ Be Our Light’. There was also medical support provided by Scoutmed, which meant that everybody could attend regardless of any medical conditions they had – another example of the loving community within the Catholic Church.

The most important thing about the Mass was the awareness that it raised for the Catholic Children’s Society. This Charity helps Crisis Fund, which provides emergency support for families in crisis. It gives immediate financial support to families facing crises in their lives: both Headteachers and Parish Priests can apply to this fund on behalf of a family, and will always get a response within 24 hours. This support makes a huge difference to families in desperate situations when they have nowhere else to turn.  We also learned more about ConnectEd, a mental health service for schools, and also Rainbows, which guides children and young people through life’s storms through a bereavement programme for young people.

On behalf of everybody who attended the Mas, we’d like to say a big thank you to Miss O’Callaghan and Mrs Hart for taking us on an unforgettable trip.  We we made incredible memories and we were able to let out spiritual beliefs shine.

If you would like to find out more about the Catholic Children’s Society, or donate to this wonderful cause, please click here.