24th August 2017 – There was a real buzz at Loreto College this morning as delighted students and their parents discussed results with one another.  The main topic of conversation was the new exams in Maths, English Language and English Literature.  There is no doubt that the students had found these very challenging, and many were therefore quite anxious about them.

“There has been a lot of uncertainty about how the new exams in Maths and English would be graded”, said Headteacher Mrs Lynch. “We are therefore particularly pleased that 25 of our students have achieved the new top grade of 9 in at least one of them! Overall our results are excellent. This has always been a lovely year group, with a real determination to do well, and they really do deserve their success.”

Here’s a reminder of how the new grades compare to those still being used in other subjects:

Success was not confined solely to Maths and English.  100% of students passed their Biology and Physics exams.  In Chemistry, Geography, History, Latin and RE, more than half of the students achieved an A or an A*.  No wonder there were so many smiling faces this morning.

Ella Onyems (above) and Maria Hunt (below centre) both gained the top A*/9 grade in 11 different subjects.

There were many other students hot on their heels, with 8, 9 or 10 top grades.  Our congratulations to them, and to all of our other students who came away with results they and their parents can be proud of.