18th Dec 2019 – Recently our Y11 Food students took part in a trip to learn more about how food is prepared and served in a large hotel.  Sophie from 11J tells us all about it:

Our Food GCSE class were lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit the Grove Hotel in Watford. We were given a tour of the main restaurants, where we could see and take pictures of the table layouts to inspire us for the presentation of our forthcoming practical assessment; to plan and produce a 3- course Valentine’s Day menu for a local hotel.

We were then given a talk by one of the main pastry chefs in the hotel, who explained to us the sorts of dishes and ingredients that would be suitable for our brief, for example chocolates, caramels and berries. Finally, we had the chance to try a variety of cakes, pastries and mousses, which we took notes on to inspire us for our own desserts!

This was a very useful experience to prepare us for our forthcoming assessment and gave us a real insight into a career in the hospitality and catering industry.