July 14th / On July 3rd, 44 of our Y10 pupils took part in a GCSE Art Trip to the Turner Contemporary gallery in Margate.  Here are two reports on this event from students who took part in it.


Chloe Inglis, 10T

 We went to Margate to see the new gallery which has been dedicated to the life and work of Turner – one of Britain’s most famous artists. We were surrounded by the impressive and panoramic expanse of sea and sky, as well as the intoxicating smell of fish & chips! The views gave us the visuals as seen by Turner himself.

We saw the works of Piet Mondrian and Spencer Finch. We all loved Finch’s creative 3-D cloud as well as simple and expressive use of both bold and pale colour. We drew some sketches and made some windmills in the style of Mondrian in a workshop with local artist Dawn Cole.

Overall we had a brilliant time in Margate and we all loved being beside the sea!


 Naomi Adebayo 10T

Recently we visited the new Turner Contemporary Gallery in Margate. It was hot and sunny when we arrived there and the gallery was opposite the beach. When we entered there was a large window with a great view of the beach – this is where Turner used to work.

We were greeted by Nova, who works at the gallery, and she led us upstairs to a workshop run by the artist Dawn Cole. We got the opportunity to create Mondrian inspired windmills and we saw Mondrian’s work and the work of Spencer Finch. Finch’s 3D cloud was very interesting and his work was almost the opposite of Mondrian’s as a lot of it was white. He used tape on canvas to create a work of art and I thought this was as effective as it was subtle. I liked the dresses with bold colours inspired by Mondrian. I feel that these bright vivid colours such as yellow made you feel happy and colours like blue made you feel reflective.

We spent lunchtime on the beach where we all sat down and ate our lunch on the steps by the sea. The whole day was a very enjoyable experience and I would recommend it to anyone!