March 19th / The  imminent solar eclipse is the biggest in the UK since 1999.  Our next partial eclipse is due in 2026, but tomorrow’s will be the biggest between now and the UK’s next total eclipse, which will take place in 2090.  So this all very exciting!  The eclipse  will cast all of Britain into partial darkness, with normal daytime visibility in St Albans substantially reduced.  It will begin at about 8.00 am, when all of our pupils are heading into school, and will peak at about 9.30.  Normal daylight should be fully restored by about 11.00 am.

Tomorrow morning’s Science classes will be given an opportunity to experience the eclipse outside.  Although the local forecast suggests a cloudy start to the day tomorrow, the sun may well come out, and it is important that everyone takes care to protect their eyes from its glare.  Please take a look at this advice on how to watch an eclipse safely.