Nov 18th / Last Friday a French play called “Les Garçons” was performed to Year 9 by a visiting company of actors.  Catriona Condon (9J) tells us more …

french 4

The play was very funny, enjoyable and a great experience for everyone. I think it had a funny and entertaining plot that was suitable for our age group. There was audience participation, which allowed people to practise their French speaking skills, and just listening to the French was also very beneficial.

french 1

Having watched and listened to the play, I have learned some new vocabulary that I can use in lessons. The actors spoke at a slow place, which made it easier for us to understand.  Beforehand we also got a booklet explaining the play, and showing us some of the new vocabulary in it, so that we knew what to expect.

Overall, I think watching this play was a god experience as it helped improve many of our skills in French.