March 30th / Last Tuesday, students in Yr 10 were invited to a GCSE French Student Conference Day.  Elise Kress tells us all about it …

In the morning we learned how to pronounce words and sounds that are usually mispronounced in exams.  We also learned how to improve our speaking exam from a C grade to an A* grade.  This was my favourite part of the day, as there were step by step ideas showing how a student worked on her language and description skills in order to improve her original work and raise her grade.

We also did some listening questions which made me understand how to pick out the key points.  We extended our knowledge on false friends.  We learned that coherence is key to doing well in the written work.  We were encouraged to think of different ways of using more sophisticated adjectives, instead of the same old overused examples.

Overall, the day was very useful.  I have taken a lot away from it and another bonus is that I now have a greater appreciation of how much I already knew!