10th July 2019 – Last week’s Forensics Day was a great success.  Interspersed amongst the following photos is a fantastic account of the event from Karis in 10S.

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Recently Year 10 students were lucky enough to have the chance to gain skills, knowledge and a passion for Forensic Science over a period of three days where we learned more about this exciting topic and even tried to solve a murder!

Firstly, we were visited by Mr Pole [above], a police specialist in forensics, focusing in particular on fingerprints. We were taught about a number of different techniques that we could use to solve a crime, and were shown how every contact leaves a trace. Everybody enjoyed watching a video that the police force themselves are shown during training and we gained a far greater knowledge of what an important impact every individual clue has. We were shown the varying roles such as a photographer and a fingerprint analysis, and it was clear that every individual role was exceedingly important in helping to solve serious crimes.


 The next day, students and teachers alike were horrified to find that Mrs Goswami, a former science teacher at Loreto had been murdered! How fortunate that Y10 students had only just been shown how to solve such a crime, and were able to carry out our own investigation to find out who the murderer was! 

The day began with groups all practising skills that they had learned: fingerprints were tested, hair was analysed, writing was compared, and shoe casts were made. We even went into a separate laboratory to compare different ways that blood could be splattered, and to carry out tests to establish what a mysterious white powder found at the crime scene was.  We were all able to enter the crime scene at some point during the morning, where we collected as much evidence as possible to take back for testing. We analysed traces of the body, blood splatters, and a threatening note found at the scene! Each group then set to work looking at the evidence they had gathered and interviewing suspects – a poster was then produced by each group to support a presentation about who we thought the murderer was.


The final day saw “the big reveal”! Students gathered in the workshop, eager to find out who the murderer was, and whether they had got it right. One by one, teachers and other suspects came up onto stage, declaring their innocence and explaining their knowledge of the horrific event. Finally, Mr Cuffini was the only teacher who remained. Mr Downes flew at him in a rage, angrily blaming him for the murder and even throwing Mr Cuffini’s glasses to the ground! It seemed clear he was guilty until Miss Highland broke into the argument to confess that she had lied: she had murdered Mrs Goswami and had tried to frame it on Mr Cuffini by wearing his shoes when committing the crime!  She had then pretended that he had forced her to write the threatening note left at the scene.  Everybody was shocked by this news, and Miss Highland was dealt with severely!

Y10 students as a whole would like to say a big thank you to Mr Downes and all teachers who were involved in Forensics Day. It was an amazing experience that made us consider career options that we did not even previously know existed.

RIP Mrs Goswami.  She will be greatly missed!