The geography department has been getting creative this term.  During the COP26 Climate conference in Glasgow, we asked our Year 7 and 8 students to come up with their own idea on how to fix climate change. We were impressed with their innovative ideas and awarded prizes to Freya Appleby and Maja Kunikowska in Year 7, and Lucie Ewer and Felicity Tam in Year 8. Freya came up with the idea of putting a seed packet in every new mum’s bounty pack, which would be planted, to not only commemorate the birth of a new life but also to absorb C02!  Lucie designed a trainer that would generate energy as you walked, and then when taken off, could be used to charge your phone or make a cup of tea!  We had ideas from solar powered planes and genetically engineered trees to simple solutions such as ‘Meat free Mondays’ and encouraging walking and cycling. We were delighted to see how keen the girls were to address the issue of climate change.  Well done to everyone who submitted an entry!

Here are some examples of the winning entries:-