School Council

Welcome to the Loreto School Council webpage, written by the students for the students. We make sure that all Loreto students have a voice about what goes on in our school, whether it’s by suggesting a different way of doing things or just raising a query about things that affect the student body. We also help the teachers who run the school, as they get our opinions on any new ideas they are considering. We are also involved in interviews for new teachers.

We meet once a week, every Monday afternoon for about half an hour. Every meeting is minuted, and the minutes are distributed to every form. We also expect our reps to discuss with their forms the issues which are most relevant to them. If we arrange any events for the students, we make sure that posters or notes about these are put into registers.

Sometimes the Council meets as a whole group to discuss points that pupils from each form have raised with their reps. These might include issues relating to the canteen, maintenance, clubs and school uniform. Sometimes we meet as subcommittees. One group organises fund raising events. Another group works on the school website. There is also a group working on whole school inter-form activities, and a group working on promoting sustainable travel.

The School Council reaches decisions on the matters it discusses by holding a votes supervised by the Chairperson. We may vote about whether we think an issue should get any more attention, or what we think we should do next. Sometimes we may vote that one of our reps should arrange to meet with a relevant member of staff to discuss an issue on our behalf.

The school council makes sure that it takes action in response to the decisions it makes. We work as a team in an organised, efficient and prompt manner. We expect each member of the council to play to her own strengths, but everyone must contribute in some way otherwise we won’t achieve as much as we want to.

School Council Representatives are elected once a year. First of all pupils are nominated by their form groups. If they are happy to take on the role, they will explain to their form why they think they should be given this responsibility, then a vote will take place.

The School Council Representatives for 2019-2020 are:


7F Alannah Brown and Charlotte Coster
7J Roxy Morris and Amelia Jones
7S: Sheneka Davis
7T Sophia Robinson and Runako Mazhude
7Y : Julia Pokora and Cyna Roberts
8F Chiara Lomuti
8J Mercy Obisesan and Isabella Goldsmith
8S: Tutu Hamwene and Ellie Escuder
8T Serena Oduka
8Y: Sophia Kabelis
9F: Holly Cooper and Anna Ewer
9J: Emily Tonga and Bridget O’Neill
9S: Emma Staff and Maya Gil
9T: Lottie McCallum and Hollie Heading
9Y: Orla Tierney and Lucy Lamburn
10F: Jessica Buzzle and Lara Maynard
10J: Tewo King
10S: Faine Harper and Gina La Ragione
10T: Henrietta Algaard and Amelia Layne
10Y: Milly Hayes and Philippa Green:
11F: Yasmin Hamoudi
11J: Naomi Gehriani
11S: Benita Mehri
11T: Jess Gachuhi
11Y: Daisy Cooper
Sixth Form reps:
Rachel McGrath
Jennifer Wilson
Nadia Potter
Niamh McBride
Chelsea Conceprio
Jenny McCallum
Kat Lundrigan
Mia Cranny