14th July 2017 – On Wednesday, our annual annual KS3 Drama Festival took place.  The themes for each group were:

Year 7 – Shakespeare;

Year 8 – Gothic:

Year 9 – Mystery.

Each tutor group had to work efficiently as a team to perform a piece of drama based on their allocated theme.  Years 7  & 8 were reworking established classics, whilst Year 9 had the added challenge of creating their own plotline and transforming it into a stage production in just two days! The standard was exceptionally high and all groups created highly imaginative and gripping pieces. We were honoured to have Mrs Tinsley (our previous Head of English) acting as adjudicator for the, day and offering her feedback on each group’s performance.

The Year 7 performances transported us from the palatial setting in Twelfth Night, to a performance of ‘The Mime’ and ‘The Mousetrap’ from Hamlet, to the humorous Mechanical’s performance from ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream,’ to the exciting party at Lord Capulet’s house in Romeo and Juliet, and ended up back at Olivia’s court in Twelfth Night. The winners were 7J, who produced a traditional and highly engaging rendition of the two plays-within-a-play scenes from Hamlet and were highly commended by Mrs Tinsley for their interpretation.

In the Year 8 performances we were horrified by the eerie ghostliness of Bertha Mason’s character in Jane Eyre; disturbed by the strangeness of the House of Seven Gables; left chilled by the horrors of The Red Room; unsettled by the heinous acts of Frozen Charlotte; and haunted by the ominous threat in A Series of Unfortunate Events. The winners were 8F, who produced a terrifyingly Gothic performance of Jane Eyre incorporating a wide range of effective Gothic features that sent a shiver down the spine of every audience member.

In the Year 9 performances we were intrigued by the mystery in Fish and Chips, left in shock by the menacing twist at the end of One By One; dismayed by the grisly murders in Case Closed; threatened by the sinister presence of the fairy queen in Time is of the Essence, and anxious to see the criminal brought to justice at the end of Down Under. The winners were 9J, who produced a thrilling and gripping performance that saw twists and turns in the plot from the start. The group were highly commended for their originality and the convincing characters they developed.

Overall, it was a highly successful day that saw the girls showcasing their incredible talents. The directors, scriptwriters and lighting-music coordinators all worked tirelessly behind the scenes and should be praised for their efforts and input too.  A special thank you to Miss Guy for organising the whole event, to Mrs Bamford for her wonderful photography and her support with the technical aspects of the production, to the rest of the English staff for encouraging their students, and to the staff in general, who supervised during rehearsals and the final performance.