July 18th / Last week students and staff celebrated another successful Drama Festival. The first part of the festival took place on 9th July, and involved all Key Stage 3 forms. The festival aims to foster the skills of writing, directing, set designing, costume creating, prop hunting, rehearsing, and performing their own short play.

Year 7 took us back to our bedtime story days with ingenious adaptations of some well-known (and some less well-known) Fairy Tales. Year 8 took on the challenge of adapting award winning books from some of this country’s most prolific children’s writers. Year 9 transformed their Shakespeare studies into a range of short scenes – from the traditional to the modern, showing an in-depth knowledge of the themes and issues raised in both ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and ‘The Merchant of Venice’.

Our wonderful adjudicator, Mrs Rowland-Caunce, was impressed by the dedication, professionalism, and team work from all of the forms, but could only chosse seven to perform at the second part of the festival, the ‘Drama for Parents’ evening on 14th July:

7J with ‘Hansel and Gretel’

7F with ‘Snow White’

7S with ‘Anansi and the Sky God’

8Y with ‘Noughts and Crosses’

8S with ‘The Tulip Touch’

9F with ‘The Party Scene from Romeo and Juliet’

9T with ‘The Court Scene from The Merchant of Venice’

All of the girls involved showed wonderful skill and dedication to their performances. The evening was a delight; a perfect exhibition yet again of Loreto College’s talent. The English department would like to thank all of our students and their parents for their hard work on this year’s projects.

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