4th May 2017 – Congratulations to the Loreto College Dragon’s Apprentice team, who have raised over £1300 for the charity “Daylight Club”.  The team is made up of Year 12 students Ailis McSweeney, Gabriella Deen, Amy Flynn, Olivia Meakes and Julia Porzuc, all ably led by Charlotte Gratte.  They gave an excellent presentation at the awards evening last week, and have certainly helped to raise awareness within our community of what the Daylight Club is all about.  This is a member-led club for people with a range of disabilities.  It provides a safe and supportive environment for members to meet in twice a week.  They also organise interactive workshops, guest speakers, day trips and community events.  If you know somebody who might benefit from this, please contact the Coordinator via telephone 01727 819214, mobile 07762 595936 or email salpi@1life.co.uk