June 22nd / A full report and photos from this recent Loreto trip. Click on any image to enlarge it and/or view a slideshow.

Early on Monday 15th June, 131 year 9 pupils and 12 members of staff began their trip to Disneyland Paris. We had a very good journey, with plenty of time for a few Disney DVDs to be shown. Once we arrived and had checked in to the Hotel Cheyenne, it was straight to the main Disneyland Park to see “Disney Magic on Parade”. Following dinner in the park, we had time to sample a few rides, before heading back to the hotel for an early night ahead of our next busy day.








On Tuesday we had an early breakfast, which was delicious! We made best use of our time in Disneyland and headed straight for the Studios Park to see some of the attractions there, before making our way into the Main Park again to take part in the “Frozen sing-along”! We spent the afternoon between the Studios and Main Park. When we met up after dinner, the girls completed some work on forces, motion and energy transfers. We then had a brief time in the hotel to shower and change, before making our way to Sleeping Beauty’s castle in the Main Park for the closing night time show “Disney Dreams”. What an amazing fireworks display, with the wonderful Disney stories played out in lasers and sparkling water jets! Even the teachers had to admit to being totally engrossed in the wonder of “Disney Dreams”!
















 Our final day in Paris came around all too quickly. With a good breakfast inside us, we loaded up our coaches and departed Disneyland by 8.30am, making our way through Paris’ rush hour traffic towards Montparnasse tower. The queue was definitely worth it. We got amazing 360° views over Paris, and with the beautiful, clear weather we were lucky to spot some of Paris’ most iconic tourist attractions. This tour also gave students a further opportunity to practise some of their linguistic skills they had been busy brushing up on in Disneyland. Sadly though, this was the last of our stops before boarding the coach for our return to school. After a delay at Calais, we made it back to St. Albans by 9.30pm on Wednesday. Staff and students alike were happy to be home, feeling tired after the coach journey, but still joyful after having a most enjoyable trip.

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A huge thank you must go to the girls for their excellent behaviour and for making this so enjoyable. Another thank you to all the staff accompanying them, without whom this would never have happened!  And finally, many, many thanks to Miss Gilleece for setting up, organising and leading this new Loreto trip.

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The girls that stayed behind in school followed a programme of study linked to the science and history of rollercoasters, and then designing a new rollercoaster for a theme park. The girls had the opportunity to build their rollercoaster designs, and design a flier advertising it in both French and English.

What an enjoyable few days were had by our Year 9 students!