March 31st / As part of our recent Freedom Week, Year 7, 8 & 9 pupils all took part in some debating competitions.

Evie & Caitlin in Year 7 tell us about their experience:

On the last day of Freedom Week, we competed in an inter-form debate against 7S. To our delight we won this debate, and also won the overall Year 7 prize. Our debate opposed the motion that “the right to freedom carries responsibility”.  We believe we won because of the persuasive techniques we used, and because of our knowledge surrounding the issue.  We had persuasive devices such as the rule of three, rhetorical questions and repetition.  The debate was an amazing experience as it helped to build our confidence.  We were quite nervous to begin with we soon settled into it when we started to debate. We had our supportive form class that was behind us all the way and we are grateful to win the debate.

Chelsea in Y8 tells us about her experience:

My partner Lindsey and I were chosen to represent our form in a debate.  We were supporting the motion that ‘Freedom comes with Responsibilities’.

 Each of us chose three main points to focus on during our two minute talk.  I wrote the introduction and conclusion, and I included the points: we accumulate more freedoms with age meaning we have to be responsible for them; we have the freedom to choose our own relationships and we all have the freedom of speech.

 We went up against 8T who were opposing the same motion.  They spoke about the fact that children and slaves have their freedoms taken away from them so are they responsible for losing their freedoms?  However, our argument was that as their freedoms were taken away from them, they n longer have any responsibilities.

 Here are the winning teams from Years 7, 8 & 9.  Congratulations to all of them:


Evie & Caitlin


Lindsey & Chelsea


Laura & Rebecca